The PLUG Kit & Caboodle

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The PLUG Kit & Caboodle

The Ellevate Collective
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Stop killing yourself while trying to kill it at work sis!

This development opportunity helps you become the one great bosses are looking for, the one great colleagues want to work with AND the one great employees want to work for!

Going to work day in and day out wondering what is the difference between you and the colleague you sit next to everyday is exhausting. You know you have to kill it at work but you're killing yourself in the process. It's time to become The PLUG with the Ultimate Leadership Bundle. Become the remarkable leader everyone wants to know. This isn't just a regular-degular eBook...It's an interactive training!

With The PLUG: Become the Remarkable Leader Everyone Wants to Know, you’ll:

  • Increase your understanding of leadership styles; then properly apply each one on the front lines of your organization!

  • Achieve your goals with greater insight into specific leadership elements.

  • Overcome challenges and setbacks by leveraging your new leadership skills!

  • Leveraged by corporations and small businesses you know and love like Campbell's Soup and Black Girls Wine.

What else comes in your Kit & Caboodle!?

  • Lady Leader 150 Page Spiral Full Size Notebook

  • The PLUG eBook + Audio Companion

  • Leader's Read Resource List

  • Discovering Your Values Worksheet

  • Your Day as a Goal Getter

What are Others Saying:

The PLUG is a great tool to help any leader take charge of their personal growth to become better each day. Allowing you to take a step back, examine what you are doing and make changes for the better. Dorothy’s insightful audio commentary along the way, makes the whole experience more than just a self-paced workbook, but gives it a feel as if she is mentoring your development. - Britton Z.

I want this!

It's time to become the one great bosses want on their team, the one great colleagues want to work with and the one amazing employees want to work for! It's time to become The PLUG as you lead from every seat you sit in.

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