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The PLUG Kit

The PLUG is a proven (and simple) system to teach any professional black women to unlock their #BlackGirlMagic and be the leadership PLUG people want on their team. As fast as possible.


Are you frustrated that you keep getting passed over for promotions at work?

Are you waiting for leadership responsibilities that never seem to come your way?

Are you invisible to senior leadership at work?

Do you need a mentor to help you break free and move up the ladder?

Do you feel like you are fighting the headwinds pushing you to stay in your quiet corner?

Are you ready to stop wasting your potential in life sis?

Hard Truth #1

Black women are under-represented in corporate leadership. For every 100 men promoted to management, only 58 Black women are promoted. It is not because you are not seeking it. You ask for promotions at the same rate as men.

You believe hard work will speak for itself, but hard work alone keeps you stuck in your cubicle.

Good news -- there is a cheat code that will help you promote yourself.

Hard Truth #2

Black women are much less likely to interact with senior leaders at work. It is like you are invisible. This keeps you out of important conversations about company priorities and strategy. You don’t get access to the sponsorship you need to move you up the ladder.

You're confident that you can do the job at the next level is holding you back.

Here’s the secret, no one can give you confidence that makes you the PLUG at work. But there are tools to instill confidence so everyone will see your magic and that you got the juice.

Hard Truth #3

Black women are more likely than white women (and just as likely as men) to raise their hand to become a top executive. You long for success so you can influence company culture and become a role model for others.

But you are expecting recognition to just happen “when the time is right”!

Are you ready for your colleagues and leaders to see how awesome you are?


Because the answers are in reach, just waiting for you to grab and make this a reality in your life.

My name is Dorothy Enriquez.

I’m the founder of the Ellevate Collective. After 15 years of learning the secrets of advancing in the corporate world, I made it my goal to bring these leadership principles to black women and women of color languishing in low-level corporate jobs.

I have trained hundreds of professionals from high potential employees, emerging leaders, senior leaders and even those at the executive level.

Here are just a few of the clients, I have worked with:

I believe Leaders aren’t born….they’re built. You can lead no matter which seat you sit in.

But it hasn’t always been that way.

After years of frustration and almost resigning myself to the quiet mediocre life, I finally discovered the source of the problem….

It was me!

But guess what, I was also the solution. I needed the tools to unlock the fearless leader inside. One that could climb mountains no matter the obstacle.

In the PLUG, I will teach you these tools:

You will grasp these concepts and change your life by following the simple 14 day training. Each day introduces you to a new principle and how to apply in your work life.

Imagine changing your work life in less than a month. You may not recognize yourself when you are done.

To give you a small sampling of the impact these strategies will have on your life and work….Here’s what others have experienced after applying the techniques inside the PLUG to their own work life:

The PLUG is a great tool to help any leader take charge of their personal growth to become better each day. Allowing you to take a step back, examine what you are doing and make changes for the better. Dorothy’s insightful audio commentary along the way, makes the whole experience more than just a self-paced workbook, but gives it a feel as if she is mentoring your development. 

- Britton Z., Human Resources Professional

Dorothy’s training unlocked skills I didn’t know I had. She also helped me communicate challenges that led to solutions that changed my business career. I am forever indebted to Dorothy for how her leadership training changed my life. 

-Shayla Varnado, founder of Black Girls Wine

Are you ready to finally learn the simple strategies that will launch your career and give you the successful life you’ve always wanted? It’s simpler than you ever thought possible. Within as little as 14 days, you will begin to see massive changes in your life and those in your office will wonder what happened.



I look forward to watching your leadership journey,

Dorothy Enriquez

-Quantity 1+
  • The PLUG eBook that you can access anywhere The PLUG Hard Copy to highlight and insert insights and action items to apply leadership principles. The Leadership Journal to track your journey and unlock the leader inside of you waiting to conquer her world. The Audio Companion gives your hours of supplementary instruction on each principle inside the Plug.
  • Size1.83 MB
  • Length31 pages
  • The Audio CompanionHelps you dive into the various leadership attributes needed to become The PLUG
  • The Leadership JournalDesigned to increase your retention as you put pen your paper
  • The eBookMaking leadership accessible to frontline leaders of color
  • The PLUG A practical guide with applicable concepts you can begin implementing right away


The PLUG Kit

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