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Melanated & Ellevated Woman Series

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Give the gift of leadership to yourself or another lady leader with this gorgeously designed notebook with an encouraging reminder of who you are: Melanated & Ellevated Woman. You'll find encouraging quotes on many of the pages as you take notes and document your leadership journey. Confidence is a touchstone of leadership...and even great leaders need reminders and encouragement.

What Else Do You Get with the Melanated & Ellevated Woman Series:

  • Melanated & Ellevated Woman Coffee Mug

  • Melanated & Ellevated Woman Notebook

  • Discovering Your Values Worksheet

  • Your Day as a Goal Getter Worksheet

  • Sparkle Like the Milky Way - Setting Intention & Getting into Alignment Worksheet

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About this notebook...

Twin Black Spiral Binding
So your pages aren't falling out as you USE your notebook
150 pages - 75 sheets
2022 will have plenty for you to write about
Laminated Front and Back
So spilling something doesn't ruin your life
11 x 8.5
Because this size is FUNCTIONAL
Encouraging Quotes
Selected with you in mind!

Melanated & Ellevated Woman Series

0 ratings
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